Home Sweet Home

MFC is a clone of the popular LiteCoin crypto currency.

  • Protection mechanism: Proof-of-Work & Proof-of-Labour.
  • Hashing algorithm: scrypt.
  • The time of extraction of a new block: 5 minutes.
  • Reward for the new found block: 50 MFC.
  • Elimination of reward for the found block: every 400.000 blocks.
  • Total number of coins: 50.000.000 MFC.

20 days after launching of MFC (on 28th of August, 2017), we have noticed a considerable interest in MFCoin due to a constantly increasing number of wallets. At the same time, new miners with powerful computers started their performance in the web and, therefore, got most awards for the mined blocks. To resolve this issue and let everyone mine the coins, MFCoin has launched an official mining pool which gives the opportunity to mine coins conjointly even while working on low-capacity machines.

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Welcome to Freeland & MFC world!